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Jill Senft

Image by Ricki Krause

Berlin, Germany

(b. 1988) Wiesbaden, Germany

Jill Senft is a Berlin-based artist. Specializing in painting and sculpture, she brings to life wobbly, graphical, and colorful characters that captivate viewers with their whimsical charm. Jill's personal works showcase her distinctive artistic voice, marked by a playful approach to form and color.

Beyond her personal projects, Jill Senft has made a significant impact in the commercial realm, having collaborated with prestigious clients such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Crocs, and The New York Times. 

Jill finds beauty in the ordinary. Her work resonates with viewers by celebrating the charm found in the simple moments of city life.

Ambitions | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
$ 800.00
Break | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
$ 800.00
Conversation | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
Flash | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
$ 800.00
Key | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
$ 800.00
Rain Stroller | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
Shared | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
$ 800.00
Shopper | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
$ 800.00
Stroller | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
$ 800.00
Puppy Pouch | {neighborhood} Jill Senft
Sold Out
Puppy Pouch
$ 800.00