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Jarrod Oram

Oak Cliff, TX

Jarrod Oram (b. 1974) is a Texas-based visual storyteller with a fully lived life of experience, perspective, gratitude, dipshittery & connecting with others that allows him to create joy, vivid light & cool ass breathtaking memories. His images are a reflection of how he views the world through unmasked technicolor glasses. He searches for the beauty in the forgotten & abandoned, capturing the grace in the flaws and cracks & allowing the breadth of the world to shine through. His work is based on journey and not destination. Waiting hours for a car to move out of the frame, the sun to hit in THE perfect spot or the shadow to crawl to its optimal… giving the subject the time, space & beauty it so rightly deserves.  Music drives the energy of his heartbeat. With his Leica riding shotgun, along musical influences from Radiohead to Miles Davis to Townes Van Zandt to Kendrick Lamar fuel the soundtrack of traveling thousands of miles of back roads, desolate places, small towns, pulsating metropolises… whilst capturing the expanse, quirkiness, stillness, oddities & beauty of everywhere from the Mojave Desert to Paris. Today there is an ever-growing, deeper understanding & connectivity to what & why he feels, how he views that through the lens and what the final story reveals. You can find Jarrod’s work in restaurant groups and design firms throughout the Southwest, along with several private collections.
Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
You Just Keep Hangin' On | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
We'll Meet Again | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
Gold Dust Woman | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
Let Me Know When We Get There | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
Kick/Push | {neighborhood} Jarrod Oram
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