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Fort Guerin

(West Virginia) b.1971

West Virginian artist Fort Guerin was raised in Mesa, Arizona, and draws inpiration from the the Old West, Pop Culture and creating this new Western style with derivatives in Comic books paneled paintings of the 40's and 50's. As a prolific artist of his particular style, Fort creates a world on characters, Wild West stories and a lifestyle of long lost cowboys, heroes, and the outlaws one alike. Using seemingly found material, the butcher paper often used in Forts works give him the defining look that beckons the folk arts of American culture. 

11:34.18am | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
$ 650.00
11:22.18am | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
$ 500.00
11:26.18am | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
$ 400.00
11:28.18am | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
$ 400.00
11:31.18am | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
$ 400.00
11:32.18am | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
$ 400.00
Outlaw No. 5 | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
Outlaw No. 6 | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
Outlaw No. 11 | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin
Outlaw No. 12 | {neighborhood} Fort Guerin