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Bruce Lee Webb

Waxahachie, Texas

Born Waxahachie, Texas 1966

Bruce Lee Webb is a collector of America treasures, a notable Oddfellow and your modern day Pablo Picasso.  Bruce's style of art draws inspiration from the weird and obscure nature of America history and hobo folklore.  We have celebrated Bruce's work over the past few years and we are always extremely proud to welcome his amazing work to {neighborhood}

"I've been doing art since I was a teenager," says Webb, from a patch of good-signaled highway. "I first got into it back in the '80s, listening to punk rock. You'd just get your dad's old tee shirt and draw over it with a Sharpie." It was that kind of D.I.Y. re-creation that formed Webb's artistic ethos of taking the world's discarded items and giving them a new purpose. The project he's been working on lately utilizes scrapbooks from the early 1900s; they're filled with fabric samples and fashion branding -- Webb takes a brush to the pages and reworks them into quirkily beautiful storybooks. "Old things have a certain spirit or energy to them," he says, with a wistful sense of eagerness, "I can't stand a blank piece of white paper."

Western Swing - {neighborhood}
Western Swing
$ 2,200.00
Lightnin' Hopkins - {neighborhood}
Gin.U.Wine Good Times - {neighborhood}
Bob Wills - {neighborhood}
Bob Wills
$ 1,600.00
Madam Volta Knows Your Future - {neighborhood}
Rodeo Girl - {neighborhood}
Rodeo Girl
$ 1,500.00
Holy Mountain - {neighborhood}
Holy Mountain
$ 1,500.00
Dark Truths and Light Truths Surrounding Me - {neighborhood}
Honky Tonk Heroes - {neighborhood}
My Peace I Give Unto You - {neighborhood}
Sold Out
Star Power - {neighborhood}
Star Power
$ 700.00
Nature Boy - {neighborhood}
Nature Boy
$ 550.00
Hoo Hoo - {neighborhood}
Hoo Hoo
$ 800.00